We want to inspire young people and engage them into activities based on arts and creativity. We also aim at developing life skills that can help young people to become responsible citizens


Twoplustwo has been home to many various initiatives over the years – mainly focused on youth work and youth empowerment, self-development, mobility activities, training courses and youth exchanges, support for the inclusion of migrants, community-building, volunteering programs and much more. Since 2009, we have been able to host events and provide opportunities for young people within the wide spectrum of the creative field and cultural industries.

We have always focused our attention on marginalized areas such as peripheries and suburbs, looking at them as blank canvas to be filled in with new initiatives and projects addressing the ever-emerging needs of young people. As we go through, it is important for us to become a reference point for young generations and reinforce the social circles around them.

Our aim is to make young people aware of their potential and give space to the exploration of one’s abilities and skills. Over the years, we have contributed to the creation of international networks supporting capacity-building activities with European and also third country partners.

What tools are available to engage and build a community? How can arts and education tackle the issues of cultural and educational poverty of the area? To us these are pressing issues that must be addressed and that’s what we are doing.

Previous experiences encouraged towards seeking new collaborations and innovative approaches as we believe the merging of experiences can be beneficial for our own growth and, most importantly, resulting into a meaningful impact on individuals, groups and communities.


Our vision is about a world in which diversity is a shared value among people, technological advancement equals to the respect for nature, and creativity inspires culture of change.


A bunch of visionary minds, skillful and self-critical members of the society. We are enthralled by creativity and artistic reflection, believing in lifelong learning and acknowledging that our life doesn’t fit in our curriculum. We are mistake-makers and solution-finders.

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