Global Tongues: where words connect the world

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In today’s globalized world, young people are smashing language barriers with ‘Language Tandem Exchange.’ It’s easy: two people from different language backgrounds swap their native tongues. It’s not just learning a language; it’s building connections, understanding each other’s cultures, and having fun.

What’s unique? It’s super relaxed. People meet at Twoplustwo headquarters in person: no booking, no preparation, just come as you are and start engaging into conversation with one of our worldpackers from all around the world.

It’s all about sharing and making the learning journey enjoyable.

The perks? You explore new cultures, and your language skills improve naturally. Plus, you make lifelong friends.

Participants can also introduce topics that they would like to be addressed and/or games to be played with other.

It’s all about breaking boundaries and having a blast.

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