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PODject – Building podcasts and media creation skills for peacebuilding and democracy

The project aims to assist young people by providing them with the capacities and skills to create their own podcasts, by escorting them through the whole process of podcast creation, from getting inspired and generating fresh ideas for the content of the podcast, to actual recording, editing, and promoting them among peers. We are also building up a podcast platform, named PODium. The goal of the platform is to collect different podcast formats and genres from Europe and neighboring countries of the Middle East.
Project objectives:
  1. To build the capacities of youth workers and youth organizations to use podcasts as a tool in order to boost civic engagement of their target groups;
  2. To increase the participation of young women and men as agents of change in Civil Society through the creation and dissemination of podcasts;
  3. To augment the use of podcast space for communicating the voice of conflicts at community, local, regional and international levels.

Press Release

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