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Join us for the 2024 Membership – ETS TWOPLUSTWO!

Want to connect with other young people in your area? Become part of our association and get ready for a world of opportunities!

Within our vibrant community, you will have access to a variety of opportunities related to European mobility programs, you will have the chance to collaborate with local artists, and you can develop innovative ideas and projects. From creating cultural events to participating in festivals and reviews, there is room for your creativity and commitment.

Our experienced team will be by your side to support you in submitting applications for calls and projects at local, regional, national, and international levels. Additionally, you will have privileged access to spaces and tools provided by the association.

We dream of building a young, dynamic, and committed community, ready to face the current challenges of society in cultural, environmental, digital, and social fields.

How to apply:
Fill out the membership form (
Annual membership fee: 25.00 euros
Account Holder: Ets Twoplustwo
IBAN: IT76Q0306909606100000065794
Description: “2024 Ets Twoplustwo membership fee”

Please note:
Membership is only valid after the annual membership fee has been paid into the account and the form has been fully completed and submitted. Membership implies acceptance of the internal regulations. You can review them here.

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