Know Yourself


From: 13/05/2019
To: 21/05/2019
Where: San Giorgio a Cremano




“Know Yourself” is an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project that has been designed to help unleash unrealised potential of young people by implementing routines such as journaling, exercise, meditation, and self-assessment.

During the project 28 participants had a chance to examine their lives and be guided in making small adjustments with unexpected positive effects through daily practice of habits and behaviours focused on raising their level of informed positivity and experience greater physical durability, mind control, and lower levels of stress.




  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset starting from inner resources to be prepared for the creative economy;
  • Create room for strong and positive habits and routines throughout daily rituals and journaling;
  • Unleash your unrealised potential by 3 examining your limiting beliefs;
  • Taking proactive steps to turn attention from the limiting aspects of life to a more intentionally designed one;
  • Understand the value of developing a life philosophy that can sustain your growth over the long term;
  • Share tools and methods to reinforce the 6 competence of learning to learn.

The Project



Food for thought

“A plane is off course most of the time during its flight, but the pilot keeps readjusting the path until it reaches its destination.”


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