Sexual Health & Consent


From: 21/07/2019
To: 27/07/2019
Where: Napoli


“Sexual Health & Consent” is a bilateral double Erasmus+ Youth Exchange promoted by Tipperary Regional Youth Service in partnership with Twoplustwo.  32 young women ( 26 girls under 18, and 6 tutors/facilitators) took part in this project, first in Ireland and then in Italy.

Sexual Health and Consent has become an issue that needs to be addressed among the young people in our society that is changing attitudes to sex, sexuality and contraception. Many of our young people come from disadvantaged homes and may not have exposure to positive relationship role models leading to them engaging in unhealthy relationships. Legislative changes throughout this period in relation to sexual health and relationships have contributed to improvements in sexual health and well-being. Further changes and improvements are likely in the coming years. However, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and crisis pregnancy are still significant issues together with persistent embarrassment in talking about sex and contraception that creates a barrier to delivering education and information.



The Project



This project was pushed by urging need to discuss issues with young women living in todays society lacking adequate sexual education, to make them more aware of sexual health and equip them with practical tools embracing different kind of aspects, from body health to artistic interpretation of identity concept,  from consent policies to guidance on effective communication and emotional intelligence through theatre tools and simulation games.





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Sexual Health&Consent


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