From: 13/12/2019
To: 22/12/2019
Where: Roccamonfina, Italy





/to explore through non-formal methods, practical workshops and intercultural dialogue local cultures, traditions and rituals and the influence of globalisation in the rural backgrounds

/to empower participants with guidance and tools for a meaningful introspection linked to their cultural roots, emotional well-being and empathy, towards a consolidated sense of self-respect, respect for others, for nature and culture

/to share a vision in which economical, social and ecological perspectives will point at inclusion, active citizenship and personal growth

Totem Rise Ruli 4

The Project

What role globalisation plays in mutating life of rural areas nowadays? How to re-create some space for the spirit of sharing, of collaboration, taking care of each other and nature and spiritual values in general? 

30 young people, 5 countries, peaceful and nature-wise borgo of Roccamonfina as a setting for Erasmus+ Youth Exchange meant to reconnect young people with their cultural roots and their emotions, in order to reach a sense of cultural identity, based on solidarity and peaceful values.

What is it about?

/Learning how to appreciate and share ones own local culture and identity through stories and performances, but also how to approach them critically and see a future potential for development and personal opportunities;

/Gaining some practical skills from locals (pizza making, best practise exchange etc.);

/Exploring nature and inner peace;

/Building a totem as a symbol of  cultural identity through learning responsibility and collaboration,  exploring democracy values.

/Preparing to share views and meet inspiring realities: on a open event participants presented their totem to Casa Viticonti, community of people with disabilities supported by A Ruota Libera Onlus, and had an opportunity to learn about borgo sociale, a great example of social space riqualification based on solidarity and inclusion.

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